Encourage children in your class to eat healthier every day with our fresh fruit & vegetable challenge and kid's certificate of wellness!

Our online Kid's Exercise & Food Journal is a very simple and fun way to educate children on physical activity and healthy eating, and enables teachers to use the service as a classroom project that will constantly remind and encourage students to exercise, and eat and drink their daily recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and water!

Teachers may register with our website and add the first names of their students into our database. Each child is then provided with a unique class login and password, which may be used at any location or with any mobile device with Internet access, either at school or at home. Our online journal is extremely easy to use and has been designed for children in Kindergarten through eighth grade.

A 1-day, 5-day and 7-day paper version of our Kid's Exercise & Food Journal may be printed out for each student if Internet access is not readily accessible either in the classroom or at home. The paper journals additionally offer teachers a unique opportunity to have their students track their exercises and consumption of food and water as a daily class project.

Using either our online or paper journals, we hope that children develop positive habits as they learn the importance of physical activity and eating more healthy foods during the school year. Studies have proven that increased physical activity and a healthy diet can improve children’s concentration and classroom behavior, and also increase their attention span and achievement test scores.

Click the graphic to the left to download and print our children's wellness certificate for each child in your class. Along with the certificate are a series of numbered badges that may be added to the certificate (or the children may color in the light-grey badges on the certificate) depending on the number of daily Smiley Stars earned during the month.

Teachers may display the children’s wellness certificates on a classroom wall and use the certificates as a means to encourage daily exercise and to eat more fruits and vegetables, so that the children may earn a higher badge number during each successive month throughout the school year! Teachers may develop a weekly "health & wellness ceremony" to award individual students on their daily exercises and eating habits, and talk to the class about the benefits of good nutrition, health and wellness. Special healthy treats or prizes may be offered to the entire class as a reward for positive behaviors, daily classroom exercises, and consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and water!

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