We hope that our Kid's Exercise & Food Journal encourages your child to eat healthier every day!

Use the CDC form to gauge the daily recommended cups of fruit and vegetables your child should eat every day. After your child eats and drinks their daily recommended cups of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and water, the child earns a smiley star to symbolize their achievement for the day. With each smiley star Smiley Star earned the child receives a higher monthly badge color badge 15 for placement on their wellness certificate that may be displayed on a refrigerator to remind the entire family to eat healthy every day!

Parents may use these daily smiley stars and monthly badges to further encourage and reward their child for healthy eating practices and achievements each week and month. The kid's wellness certificate can be a fun art project and wellness celebration on a monthly basis and act as a constant reminder to your child and you to eat healthier and increase the child's badge number during the following month.

To create a free online account with no advertisements, simply register with the Kid's Exercise & Food Journal today. Parents may also use our printable versions of the Kid's Exercise & Food Journal along with our available monthly badges and wellness certificates without creating an account or logging into the service.

Please read our Privacy Policy for further information on how we track, store, and share your child's nutritional information. Parents can even print out a paper copy of the food journal for themselves and track their servings along with their child for additional encouragement.

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