Kid's Exercise & Food Journal Guidelines

About the Kid's Exercise & Food Journal

The Kid's Exercise & Food Journal (KEFJ) is an online exercise and food tracking service for children ages 5 through 12 or grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. The website and paper version encourages children to track their daily exercises and daily recommended consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and water, and provides for a daily, monthly and yearly series of awards and badges to further encourage each child to eat healthy and begin a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

Teachers may include the online or paper version of the Kid's Exercise & Food Journal tracking features into a class curriculum of nutrition, health and wellness, and create a monthly wellness ceremony and series of challenges for the kids to eat healthier, and for parents especially, they may use the tracking features to improve the daily planning and encouragement for each child to finish eating their fruits and vegetables, and to "try new foods" on a periodic basis.

Guidelines for Kid's Exercise & Food Journal

When a teacher or parent creates a child's account for the Kid's Exercise & Food Journal, the child's password should be the child's lunch/computer number at school or a unique password the child can remember.

As the tracking service is an honor system, children should be taught to track only those items that they have consumed and in as much as possible to the daily recommended amount per fruit, vegetable, i.e. (4 slices or half an apple equals 1/2 cup and would be one click on the apple when tracking).

Use the following website to gauge approximately how much a particular child of a certain age, gender, and physical activity level, should consume each day:

Participants (teachers and parents) may create and delete their KEFJ account at any time. If an account is deleted, all data associated with that account and any children's accounts associated with that account will be completely removed from the KEFJ servers. Any tape backups of the accounts and data will be removed upon the next tape backup (approximately 24 hours). All associated children's accounts created by a participant will need to be deleted before the participant's account may be deleted.


Prizes are non-transferable. Prizes have no cash equivalent. Prizes may not be exchanged.

By acceptance of any prize, winner assumes full responsibility for all applicable income taxes, sales taxes, license, and other fees that may apply.

KEFJ notifies its visitors and members of material changes to the rules and guidelines by providing a last update date, which also serves as the effective date, listed below.

Last updated 03/04/2012

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